Moonfire Studio offers the basic necessities of affordable video production,
including HD video recording, 2D and 3D animation and original soundtrack music

cuba video

12 Days in Cuba
20-minute music video, all music by artists who sold us CDs in person:

Reina D'cero band, Sexteto Emanuel, Andres Sastre and GrupoPerla del Sur.

"Paul's Money As Debt video is superb!"
Hazel Henderson,
Evolutionary Economist

"Everyone should see this movie."
David Korten,lecturer & author of When Corporations Rule the World, The Great Turning from Empire to Earth Community


Money as Debt has been watched by millions of people worldwide in 24 languages

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There are fully custom French versions of all three movies from Moonfire Studio

L'argent dette 1, 2 and 3 are free online from:

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There are fully custom Italian versions from Moonfire Studio -Moneta come Debito 1 and 2 which are online at:

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There is a fully custom Hungarian version of Money as Debt from Moonfire Studio.

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