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Eternal Flow

endless journey1endless journey 2

Take a break from busy-ness and enjoy this soothing perpetual Flash animation. Driven by random numbers, it never creates the same composition twice so every frame is NEW, forever, just like real life and each time it is played is unique! The soundtrack includes harmonic singing (the way whales always communicate) performed by the

The movies we are used to seeing have a beginning and an end and a linear time span that separates beginning from end. This animation has only a one-frame timespan on the main timeline. It is always "being here now". The animals and seascape elements occur in cycles of different lengths and bounded random placements and scales all anchored in the one "present" timeframe. This is how indigenous peoples often describe their sense of time, an eternal present consisting of infinitely repeating and changing cycles.

Sound ON

Pull the window to FULL SCREEN

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The Gabriola Tour Map


Move your mouse around to discover various scenic picture shows of Gabriola's natural features and events.

Moving cyclists show where the hills are. Zoom in on the random animations.


user interface

A User Interface design for my proposed Evolution of Money


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