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Translated Versions of Money as Debt online

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I have made custom versions in French " L'argent dette" and Hungarian "A Penz mint Adossag"

AND NOW... Italian "Moneta come Debito" & "Moneta come Debito II".


Search here for a version in your language

Listed below are "pirated"versions made by "anonymous volunteers". Accuracy of translation cannot be assured.

In total, Money as Debt can now be viewed or downloaded in 26 langauges that I have been able to find.
My thanks to those "anonymous volunteers" who thought the movie worth the considerable effort of translation.
I know what professional translation costs.

If you find, or post a translated version not listed here please notify me.

Comments on the quality of these translations, specifically any errors, would also be appreciated.

Transcripts of the movis are available on the References Page (top left)

Anyone interested in making Money as Debt narrated in your language, or fully native (no subtitles) either for commerical or non-commercial distribution should contact me.

English subtitle files

View online

Spanish Dinero_es_Deuda

Spanish Dinero es Deuda 2

Spanish Dinero es Deuda 3

German Geld als Schuld & Geld als Schuld

Good quality German on YouTube with German narration

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

deutsch synchronisiert
Geld als Schuld 2 - Versprechen entfesselt
Vimeo Geld als Schuld 2 - Versprechen entfesselt YouTube
Geld als Schuld 3 parts 1 & 4 - Entwicklung jenseits von Geld YouTube
by Thomas & Gisela



Swedish / Swedish




Czech MAD 1 Czech MAD 2


Portuguese MAD 1 / Portuguese MAD 2 / Portuguese MAD 3





Indonesian MAD 1 Indonesian MAD 2


Torrent downloads

Portuguese Dinheiro-Apartir-da-Divida-II

Portuguese Dinheiro Apartir Da Divida

Russian MAD 1 Russian MAD 2

German, Portuguese, Polish, Croatian, Bulgarian & Slovenian torrents

English, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Slovak torrents

Dutch torrent

Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Norwegian, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Polish torrents

Serbian (Croatian & Bosnian)

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